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Our Story

Our Story

Founded by Susan L. Arnette in 1994, the journey began when Susan herself navigated the challenging terrain of divorce and the financial cost. It was during this trying time that she recognized a significant gap in financial planning, particularly for women facing similar life transitions. Her own experience of financial uncertainty served as the catalyst for something remarkable.

With a clear mission in mind, Susan established SLA Financial as a platform to provide comprehensive financial planning with a special focus on empowering women to take control of their financial destinies. Her empathetic approach, combined with her expertise, quickly gained recognition, and the practice began to flourish.

Client Centered

As the years went by, SLA Financial's reputation for excellence in financial planning extended beyond its original focus on women. SLA expanded their services to guide individuals and couples of all backgrounds on their retirement and wealth journeys. The firm's commitment to personalized financial solutions and its unwavering dedication to clients' financial well-being became the hallmark of SLA Financial.

As the torchbearer of her mother's legacy, Kristen M. Taylor assumed leadership, bringing a fresh perspective and modern flair to the firm. Kristen's commitment to innovation aligned seamlessly with SLA Financial's traditions. Under her guidance, the firm continues to evolve, incorporating intuitive technologies and contemporary strategies while maintaining the core values that clients have come to trust. Today, SLA Financial stands as a testament to a multigenerational commitment to financial excellence, where the family's legacy intertwines with the success stories of their clients.

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